Westlife to live out their years in mirrored bubble

Turning fact into fiction and back again

Westlife: Bumfluffed eunuchs prostituting themselves for art
Westlife manager Louis Walsh has said today that the entire band have cancelled all appearances and shows to shack up together inside a giant mirrored 'bubble-house'. Band members Bryan McFadden and Shane Filan have refused any further contact with the outside world.
Mr. Walsh made the comment in an interview with Smash Hits magazine - in which he said the band have been planning this from day one.
"They've always talked about it.. living inside a reflective ball. There they can just sit down, chill out and stare at their reflections of themselves. The mirrored structure will allow infinite reflections to be made with them in the centre. That's really all they've ever wanted to do. And now they can."
He also said he was unimpressed by the band's last album, Home to House, saying the theme of affordable home improvements was wrong for a boy band to take on.
"Young girls are just not interested in embedded lighting effects" he said, "They far prefer squealing prepubescent boys harking on about eternal love and other codswallop."