Sharon caught using 'Palestine' 
in game of Scrabble

Turning fact into fiction and back again

A Scrabble reenactment
Secret film of Ariel Sharon was leaked to the press today that could rock the Middle East into a state of undress.

During an evening’s entertainment with President Bush at Camp Freddie, Mr. Sharon was caught using the word ‘Palestine’ in a game of Scrabble even though he has publicly claimed that no such thing exists. 

President Bush was only made aware of this gaff after an attaché informed him of the inaccuracy. “He should have played safe and gone for ‘occupation’ but it was a high word score opportunity” said a Middle East Scrabble expert today.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Kiddie killer and Scrabble player
As yet, no-one has come forward to admit to the secret filming, or even if it took place. Likewise we have no idea who the attaché is but we're pretty sure both President Bush and Ariel Sharon exist even if we wished they didn't. That is all.