Michael Stipe loses plot for third time this year

Turning fact into fiction and back again

REM were promoting their new album Reveal
Thousands turned out onto the streets of Toronto as REM performed their only scheduled North American gig.
Around 20,000 fans converged on the Canadian city for the free lunchtime gig which took place in the longest street in the world.
After the first song, lead singer Michael Stipe announced to the crowd that they should no longer call him by his birth name.
He said: "From now on, I wish to be known as Mochael Stope."
Music-lovers shrugged off the latest madcap caper of the baldy frontman.


The Grammy Award-winner then threw fruit into the crowd, injuring a pregnant woman with a sharpened goosebury.

"I's are Evil. Long Live the O", he chanted continuously instead of keeping to their normal indistinguishable lyrics.
Have a banana why don't you
Just before leaving the stage he commented, "Infact, change all my letters to O. Everyone call me Ooooooo Ooooo, okay? O."