Court Order for Stalking Meg Ryan

Turning fact into fiction and back again

Verging on mutton
In a bizarre Hollywood turnaround, Meg Ryan has been charged with breaking into a California house looking for a fan, claiming to be his fiancÚ. She's now received a restraining order issued against her.
The unknown fan won the court order against the Private Benjamin star, 52, saying he feared for his safety and that of his family after she said she would never give up her attempts to marry him.
According to highly improbably sources, Ms Ryan broke into the wrong house in Malibu, thinking it belonged to one of her adoring fans. She later told authorities that she had been forced to get in through a window because the owner had forgotten to leave a key under the doormat for her, a Californian court heard.
She was apparently carrying several copies of her smash hit 'When Harry Met Sally'. "It shows my good side", said Ryan. 
Later, police searched the star's vehicle to find a pair of night vision scope binoculars and a thermos of lemon tea. "This demonstrates that she was out for the long haul to get her man", said a police spokesperson.

Highly unlikely

After the court proceedings ended the victim made the following comment to the press, "Obviously I'm flattered by Ms. Ryan's attention but I feel it's undue. Though I appreciate her acting talent and comedic timing I do not feel this enough to base a relationship on."
This incident is only the latest in a run of celebrities stalkings. Tom Cruise once staked out a chip shop in Southend for two months claiming it was method acting, and most recently Catherine Zeta Jones stalked a geriatric 90-year old only to later marry him.