Warren's experimental fight is set.

Turning fact into fiction and back again

Lewis saves large chocolate medallion till after the fight
Frank Warren tells Newsfelch's Sports Editor what will happen next in Lennox Lewis' boxing path.
"Lennox is now a supreme champion. The fight with Rahman has shown that," Warren said whilst watching Countdown, "What he wants now is a fight which will place him amongst history's great fighters. Many people believe that to be a fight with Tyson, or B.A. Baracus, but I disagree. I would prefer him to go up against someone of a different class. I'm thinking of Prince Naseem instead. Now that would be interesting, or if not, definitely entertaining. I think we'd all like to see Lennox pummel the Prince purple. [Ha ha] The purple prince, get it?"
"All year, Naseem Hamad has bragged that he's the best. Well, if he is the best he should have no trouble going up against someone twice his weight. Lennox is built like a shithouse and the Prince will have to respect that."
Prince Naseem Hamad looking 
happy as usual
"I've spoken to Lennox and he's definitely up for a good kicking, not that that's allowed in the Queensbury rules."
But would Prince Naseem walk into a fight where the odds are heavily atacked against him? "Probably not, so I think will just lie to him - say it's someone else."