Kidman pearl necklace 'too precious' for sale

Turning fact into fiction and back again

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A pearl necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the hit musical film Moulin Rouge has been removed from an auction because its 'source' could not bear to part with it.
The 1,308-jizz dribblet design necklace had been put up for sale at Christie's in New York by Australian shelf-stacker Stafano Cantur.
But at the last minute Mr Cantur realised he couldn't part with the one-off effort.
The necklace had been expected to fetch more than 660,000. 
If the sale had taken place and reached the expected price, the necklace would have become the most expensive money shot ever sold.

Hours before the auction was due to start Mr Cantur told bosses at the auction house that he loved the necklace far too much to sell it.

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Gentleman's wash
"He realised that he didn't want to part with it," a Christie's spokeswoman told the New York Post.
"Even though it's started to run, he loves the piece so much that he has decided to keep it as part of his personal collection."
Celebrity clients
The necklace has been named Staine after the character Kidman played in Moulin Rouge.
In the film, Staine is the most prized courtesan of the infamous Paris night club, who captures the heart of Christian, the poor but untalented writer played by the wealthy but untalented British actor Ewan McGregor.
Kidman is seen wearing the necklace in a series of scenes in the film set in 19th-Century Paris.
Since producing the necklace, Mr Cantur has gained new celebrity clients including Canadian hell-demon Celine Dion, Elle Macpherson and Elton John.


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