Stolen Britney video 'boring'

Turning fact into fiction and back again

Britney's videos are usually a lot flashier but this one stinks
A home video featuring condensed tenny pop icon Britney Spears and her tosser boyfriend Justin Timberlake, stolen in a burglary last month, has been described as "boring".
Police in Florida, who viewed the video repeatedly before returning it, said there was nothing exciting about its contents.

Don't you just want to slap the bland tramp?
"The tapes were very boring," said Okaloosa County sheriff's spokesman Rick Hord, "They do get it on but who wants to see these fluffed-up annoying brats rut away for 180 minutes?"
He said officers who viewed the video said it contained shots of their holiday in Destin, Florida but dissapointingly contained "no money shots".
When asked if all copies had been returned he said, "No, of course not. We're not daft you know."
All apologies
Four teenagers were arrested over the 22 September break-in.
One suspect was reportedly copying the video when the sheriff's deputies arrested him.
Mr Hord said the copy was destroyed and the original returned to Spears.
Destin Mayor Ken Beaird sent Spears flowers and a letter of apology after the break-in, asking the singer to visit Destin again.
"I just wanted them to know that we're all very shocked about what's happened here" he said, adding that he was not surprised by the surge of britney-based tourists.
Meanwhile, a deal for new video games featuring Spears has been signed with the first games out in the Spring.
Video game publishers THQ has signed the deal with the singer's licensing company, Britney Brands. "It's Britney hunting down Billy Ray Cyrus through the ten levels of hell as we know it. Should be good.", says THQ HQ's VC.