N'Sync fight against quality

Turning fact into fiction and back again

N'Sync remain alive, still....
Sony Music is testing a new CD anti-quality system on the new album from boy band N'Sync.
The technology is being created to deter their young fan base from ever experiencing decent music.
Although not widely advertised, three different versions of the boy band's Celebrity album on Zomba Records have been created for different markets, according to New Scientist magazine.
It says all three versions can be played on regular CD players but each has a different level of shitness.
Sony previously issued promotional copies of Michael Jackson's forthcoming single You Rock My World with anti-quality technology to stop any possible enjoyment.
Jackson's record label printed copies of the single to distribute to radio stations - all of which has been subsequently thrown in the bin.

The company took the step after copies of the single - released on 7 October - appeared to be quite shite.

A young woman was pushed on stage near Michael Jackson but he simply ignored her.
The German N'Sync release will not play in Windows PC CD players, meaning thousands of PC users will not have to endure their bland pandering to their tennyboppy market - the corporate whores that they are.
Additionally, a sticker on the case warns it is not very good.


The New Scientist reports this version will, however, play on Apple Mac terminals.
"They'll listen to just about f##kin' anything," an industry insider said today. "They've got it coming to them if they buy crap like this."
The UK and US versions can be played in homes and burnt if required but cannot be played in public.
A test to determine the quality of their music using a standard CD player with the US version found that a "no quality" message is displayed.
Sony is not revealing the test technology it is using, stating only: "We continue to test available up & coming pop-combos, and our goal is, as always, is to shift as many copies as possible till someone finds us out."
Anti-shite systems are still considered to be in their infancy. They are being developed by companies such as Macrovision, and Midbar Technologies.
They have come about because of the success of such annoying pre-pubescent millionaire twats such as N'sync.